Top 10 Largest Blog Networks

January 2, 2007

Blogging has become one of the most profitable business on the Internet, I imagine that it is because the advertising industry is growing, many bloggers are earning thousands of dollars with their blogs. Just imagine how much money a 100 blog business can make. The following is a list of the Largest Blog Networks on the Internet, the list is huge but we are just listing the first 10, who knows maybe one day our own networks will be in the list. Say hello to this 10 giants of the blogging business.

1. Weblogs Inc..- Now owned by AOL it is the largest blog network with more than 100 blogs from traveling to technology and from fashion to business was founded by Jason Calacanis. This monster was making about $3000 per day with AdSense, just imagine.

2. Gawker Media.- Second blogging empire, from Manhattan to the world, this company owns some of the most popular blogs on the Web.

3. b5 Media.- Is one of the largest blog networks in the world has almost 100 blogs and with more than 110 bloggers from all around the world.

4. 9rules.- This is a different king of network because it groups more than 100 blogs from different owners but there is no doubt that 9rules is truly a giant, they also have the nicest looking blogs.

5. Shiny Media.- With almost 28 blogs this network reaches more than 1 million unique users per month.

6. Weblogs SL.- Spanish blog network, with currently 21 blogs up and running.

7. InstaBlogs.- Asia´s largest blog network really knows how to treat Asiatic bloggers.

8. Blogo.- With more than 20 blogs it is the leading network for Italian bloggers.

9. Mink Media.- Is the largest British blogging network with more than 25 units this company has also a place for chinese and german speaking readers.

10. TechCrunch.- Cool network with 9 units.

There are other large networks but these one are very important and popular.


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