10 Simple but Billionaire Ideas. Success Resides in Simplicity

March 12, 2007

Remember this, “Success resides in simplicity”. Forbes.com has a great slide show called “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” it is basically a compilation of 10 successful inventions developed by common entrepreneurs that became their main source of income and turned them into world billionaires. Creativity is one of the most valuable resources in the world, and these geniuses have a lot of it. Simple but billionaire ideas that show us that success is not very difficult to achieve if you only dare to imagine and if you dare to use your creativity and talent. No matter how crazy something may sound, try it, who knows, maybe one day you’ll be part of this exclusive club. Here is the list of inventions, if you want to read the complete descriptions, just visit the original article here.

1. Ferrero Chocolate by Michele Ferrero & Family, $10 Billion – Turned this delicious food into a multi millionaire business.

2. Hughes’ Public Storage by Brad Hughes, $5.3 Billion – “Put a bunch of lockers off a highway somewhere. Sell to the masses.”

3. Polo by Ralph Lauren , $5 Billion – Just by adding a small icon to a polo shirt, this man achieved “The American Dream”

4. Amazon.com by Jeff Bezos, $4.4 Billion – An example that selling books trough the Internet was an excellent business.

5. Beanie Babies by Ty Warner, $4.5 Billion – He created tiny bean bags with the shape of animals and sold them as collectibles.

6. Red Bull by Chaleo Yoovidhya & Dietrich Mateschitz, $3.1 and $3 Billion – These men combined a caffeinated beverage with a carbonated solution with B vitamin and Voila! Energy for all.

7. Geox by Mario Moretti Polegato, $3 Billion – He made tiny holes in the sole of a shoe to release sweat.

8. Dyson Vacuums by James Dyson, $1.6 Billion – Invented a device to suck dirt off the floor

9. Gummi Bears by Hans & Paul Riegel, $1.5 Billion – Sweet bear-shaped candies, who would imagine?

10. Starbucks by Howard Schultz , $1.1 Billion – His idea was to put a coffee shop in every corner of the U.S


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